Care & Maintenance

See your shower stand the test of time with our care and maintenance tips. 

Choose a shower that’s easier to clean

Shower coatings for easy cleaning 

When selecting your shower, ask about the coatings or treatment the glass has received. A protective glass coating on your shower door can repel stains, discolouration and protect the glass from etching occurring. ClearVue coating is just one of the treatments we use to protect our glass panels, making them easier to clean. 


Flush finishes for easy cleaning  

Creating a slick appearance with a level transition from glass panel to shower tray, flush finishes make for easy cleaning of ones shower. With just a cloth, one can clean there shower in an easy, swift manner. 

Choose a shower that will stand the test of time


Overtime seals can deteriorate, resulting in discolouration and water escaping beyond the bounds of the shower. Having the best quality seals in your shower is critical to ensure no water damage occurs in your home. Seals are intended to prevent water from entering porous material, such as behind tiles and grout, and forming mould or mildew. At Flair, we use our durable ultra-clear seals for a minimal, clean appearance while ensuring areas surrounding your shower are free from moisture. 


Similar to ensuring your glass has been treated, it’s important to ask about what treatment any of your coloured materials have received. If your shower’s surfaces, such as it’s door handle, have not been pre-treated, you run the risk of scratches developing and discolouring occurring. To prevent this from happening, our anodised finish and PVD technologies ensure that our colours are more durable and scratch resistant. 

Ensure there’s a support service

Support service 

When purchasing products for your shower space, ensure the seller offers a support service to assist you after you purchase. At Flair, we have a support team ready to answer any queries our customers may have. Our support team help customers experiencing any concerns in preparing for their shower installation along with any questions they have post-installation.  


Spare parts 

Accidents can happen and things may break. When this happens, it’s important to have easy access to spare parts so that problems can be fixed quickly. At Flair, we ensure no customer of our is in difficulty with spare parts readily available for any fault that may have occurred. 

A few cleaning tips

Our showers were designed to make cleaning easy to ensure your product lasts a lifetime. Here are some cleaning tips for how to care for your shower post purchase. 


  • Use a soft cloth and warm soapy water to clean glass and metallic surfaces. Rinse off thoroughly and dry. 
  • Do not use “spray & leave” cleaning products on any metal surfaces. These include acidic based cleaning products, bleaches, solvents or abrasive pads. They will cause damage to your product Only use detergents, cleaners and limescale removers with a pH of 5-8.  
  • The constant use of detergents on surfaces will degrade the finish of the product over time if not thoroughly rinsed off. It is critical all surfaces are thoroughly rinsed after any detergents, cleaners or limescale removers are in contact with them. 
  • In hard water areas, regular cleaning of your Flair door will help to prevent the build-up of limescale. Stubborn deposits of limescale can be removed with the use of a mild limescale remover and rinsed thoroughly once cleaned. 
  • Check your shower door for functionality periodically. Ensure that the wheel track is free from any grit/ dirt which may have collected over time. 

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