HYDRO Slider Door with Side Panel

Door Height
Glass Thickness

The HYDRO Slider Door is ideal for small bathrooms or where space is limited. The sliding door moves effortlessly along the tracks, providing easy access to the shower.

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Door Options

Hydro Slider 1000mm
Code: HYSA100SC
Adjustment: 950mm - 1000mm
Access: 376mm
Hydro Slider 1100mm
Code: HYSA110SC
Adjustment: 1050mm - 1100mm
Access: 426mm
Hydro Slider 1200mm
Code: HYSA120SC
Adjustment: 1150mm - 1200mm
Access: 476mm

Side Panel Options

Hydro Side Panel 700mm
Code: HYSP70SC
Adjustment: 670mm - 695mm
Hydro Side Panel 760mm
Code: HYSP76SC
Adjustment: 730mm - 755mm
Hydro Side Panel 800mm
Code: HYSP80SC
Adjustment: 770mm - 795mm
Hydro Side Panel 900mm
Code: HYSP90SC
Adjustment: 870mm - 895mm
Hydro Side Panel 1000mm
Code: HYSP100SC
Adjustment: 970mm - 995mm

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