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Discover the effortless installation of our shower doors

A shower installer smiling in a bathroom

Installing shower doors can be a daunting task for many installers but with Flair products, we work hard to make the process as easy as pie. Our shower doors are designed not only to look beautiful but also feature a variety of time-saving techniques to make installation as easy as possible.

With installers needs in mind, several of our shower door collections feature a pioneering Click-Fit Assembly design. For the assembly of our ILI and ETO ranges, this patented technology allows for a screw-free installation that is both fast and easy- and ensures maximum structural integrity. Using a dovetail joint, the profiles lock securely together without any fuss. Here’s a video of the ETO click-fit system in action to see how easy it is.

Another feature that makes our shower doors easy to install is the Express-Fit mechanism which features in our Essential collections- the Verve and Hydro range of shower doors. The Express Fit design allows for a seamless installation from the box to the bathroom –our motto for the installer is 'fit and forget'. The profiles come pre-assembled with screws, so when the horizontal and vertical profiles are slotted together, the screw can be fixed into position through the punched access port. This means that you could have a Verve or Hydro shower door assembled in minutes. See for yourself: Verve express fit quick fit installation video.

A full suite of Flair Showers fitting videos is also available on our YOUTUBE channel to guide any installers through the process from beginning to end. Be sure to subscribe here.

In conclusion, installing our shower doors is a straightforward task, as long as you measure correctly and follow the instructions. Of course, our technical department is on hand at any stage in the process to provide assistance - just email technical@flairshowers.com.