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Transform your bathroom into a green oasis with these 7 plants

Home 5 Plants For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a great place for a plant to survive and thrive. The right plant will not only clean the air but will make your bathroom feel bright and inviting. However, it’s not any old plant that will survive in the humidity-rich environment of your bathroom so we’ve put together our top 7 options to create your own personal oasis. 

The ZZ Plant  

The ZZ plant, a robust and hardy option, is the perfect choice for those who want to be a plant parent but who have a knack for killing anything green. Its unique root formation means that it’s drought resistant; as such it doesn’t need much water and needs very little light to survive. Despite not needing any molly-coddling, the plant will do its part for the home by naturally purifying the air and looking great while it does so. You’ll find these in any good garden centre. 

Water it: When the soil is dry or every 2-3 weeks 
Ease of care: 9/10 
Biggest drawback: Toxic to humans and animals. Wash your hands after touching it or wear gloves

The Snake Plant AKA Mother-in-Law’s Tongue Plant  

Despite it’s slightly comical name, The Mother-in-law’s Tongue plant is a fantastic addition to your bathroom. You’ll regularly see these plants in influencer’s bathrooms as they’re easy on the eye and they are really hardy too.  

Snake plants don’t require a lot of light, purify the air and thrive when it’s not overwatered – in fact it can be beneficial to let them dry out before rewatering. They make their own company, and won’t mind if you pack up and forget about them on your two-weeks holidays! 

Water it: Once a fortnight in the summer, once a month in the winter 
Ease of care: 9/10 
Biggest drawback: Toxic to animals if ingested 

The Chinese Evergreen  

If you’re looking to add colour to your bathroom oasis, the Chinese Evergreen comes in 23 different varieties and can offer various shades of green and pink to your sanctuary.   

This tropical plant is exceptionally easy to care for. A jungle-floor plant that prefers indirect sunlight, the green variant needs very little light and can even survive in windowless bathrooms. The pink ones don’t need a lot of light either, but they will need a little more than their green cousins to stay healthy. It’s strongly recommended that you rotate your Aglaonema plant once a fortnight to keep it balanced (i.e. so that it doesn’t tilt towards the light). 

Water it: Every 2 weeks (when you’re rotating it) 
Ease of Care: 7/10 
Biggest Drawback: It really hates the cold 

The Cast Iron Plant   

The Cast Iron Plant is the ultimate survivor as it doesn’t need much light or water. Found growing wild all over the US, particularly in Florida, but always in the shade. So remember, low maintenance once kept out of the sun’s harsh rays. If you want to give it a little extra TLC, simply give the leaves a wipe with a damp cloth every now and then – your plant will thank you for it.  

Water it: Every two weeks 
Ease of care: 9/10 
Biggest drawback: Doesn’t like being moved  

The Boston Fern 

You’ll know this one the instant you see it. A popular choice for adding greenery to a bathroom, the Boston Fern is well-suited to the high humidity and indirect light. Known for its long, lush fronds this plant will instantly make your space feel like a tropical paradise. While they are good air purifiers they are also high maintenance and require consistent moisture and frequent misting.  

Water it: once a week 
Ease of care: 3/10 
Biggest drawback: Toxic to animals if ingested 

Aloe Vera  

Aloe Vera plants are like the camels of the plant world, able to survive on infrequent watering and thrive in high humidity and indirect light. But unlike camels, they also have the added bonus of purifying the air and providing soothing properties for sunburned skin. And the best part? They're low maintenance. Just make sure to give them a pot with drainage holes, a good-quality potting mix, and a sip of water every now and then and they'll be happy as a camel with a full water bottle. 

Water it: only water when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch 
Ease of care: 9/10 
Biggest drawback: Sensitive to changes in their environment  

Spider Plant   

Spider Plants, also known as "the hair models of the plant world" with their long, slender leaves, are the perfect addition to any bathroom. Not only do they add a touch of greenery to your space, but they purify the air, so you can breathe easy. While they may be low maintenance, they do need a consistent moisture level to thrive, so don't forget to give them a spritz of water every now and then. And if your bathroom is feeling a bit dry, just add a tray of water near the plant. They prefer bright, indirect light, and well-draining soil, so give them a good pot with drainage holes and a high-quality potting mix and you’ll forget it’s even there.    

Water it: only water when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch 
Ease of care: 9/10 
Biggest drawback: Sensitive to dry air