ILI Slider Door with Side Panel

Glass Coating
Glass Thickness

The Slider Door with side panel is perfect for those who want a contemporary looking shower closure. Suitable for a corner space, the door features 6mm toughened safety glass with ClearVue coating.

Designed to look as good as it functions with anodised aluminium profiles, seamless interior cover strips and ultra-clear PVC seals that won’t stain over time.

All ILI doors have been designed with our patented click-fit assembly system and are suitable for a shower tray or wetroom installation.

Design & Innovation

A precisely crafted solid chrome plated handle, curved hinge detailing, a concealed door stop and a click-fit assembly system.

Quality Guaranteed 

Performance tested beyond industry safety and quality standards. Lifetime guarantee.

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  • Good Design
Ili Uniquely Crafted Handle With Integrated Hook

A joy to touch

All ILI doors feature a precisely crafted handle with an integrated robe hook. Curved in design and made from solid chrome plating, the ILI handle is a joy to touch.

Ili Double Wheel Roller With Silent Wheel Roller Track Bottom View

A joy to open

The slider door features a concealed long door stop and double wheel stainless steel rollers that glide along a silent wheel track system in an effortless and controlled way. Designed to sustain the busiest of bathrooms and a joy to open. 


Door Options

ILI Sliding door 1100mm
Code: ILISA110SC
Adjustment: 1050mm - 1100mm
Access: 420mm
ILI Sliding door 1200mm
Code: ILISA120SC
Adjustment: 1150mm - 1200mm
Access: 470mm
ILI Sliding Door 1300mm
Code: ILISA130SC
Adjustment: 1250mm - 1300mm
Access: 520mm
ILI Sliding Door 1400mm
Code: ILISA140SC
Adjustment: 1350mm - 1400mm
Access: 570mm
ILI Sliding Door 1500mm
Code: ILISA150SC
Adjustment: 1450mm - 1500mm
Access: 570mm
ILI Sliding Door 1600mm
Code: ILISA160SC
Adjustment: 1550mm - 1600mm
Access: 570mm
ILI Sliding Door 1700mm
Code: ILISA170SC
Adjustment: 1650mm - 1700mm
Access: 570mm

Side Panel Options

ILI Side Panel 700mm
Adjustment: 665mm - 690mm
ILI Side Panel 760mm
Adjustment: 725mm - 750mm
ILI Side Panel 800mm
Adjustment: 765mm - 790mm
ILI Side Panel 900mm
Adjustment: 865mm - 890mm
ILI Side Panel 1000mm
Code: ILISP100SC
Adjustment: 965mm - 990mm

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