ILI Slider Door with Side Panel

Glass Coating
Glass Thickness

The Slider Door with side panel is perfect for those who want a contemporary looking shower closure. Suitable for a corner space, the door features 6mm toughened safety glass with ClearVue coating.

Designed to look as good as it functions with anodised aluminium profiles, seamless interior cover strips and ultra-clear PVC seals that won’t stain over time.

The ILI Slider Door is available in 1950mm height, with the 1200mm width door also available in the lower height of 1800mm, making it the perfect solution for loft conversions or low ceilings.

All ILI doors have been designed with our patented click-fit assembly system and are suitable for a shower tray or wetroom installation.

Design & Innovation

A precisely crafted solid chrome plated handle, curved hinge detailing, a concealed door stop and a click-fit assembly system.

Quality Guaranteed 

Performance tested beyond industry safety and quality standards. Lifetime guarantee.

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  • Good Design
Ili Uniquely Crafted Handle With Integrated Hook

A joy to touch

All ILI doors feature a precisely crafted handle with an integrated robe hook. Curved in design and made from solid chrome plating, the ILI handle is a joy to touch.

Ili Double Wheel Roller With Silent Wheel Roller Track Bottom View

A joy to open

The slider door features a concealed long door stop and double wheel stainless steel rollers that glide along a silent wheel track system in an effortless and controlled way. Designed to sustain the busiest of bathrooms and a joy to open. 


Door Options

ILI Sliding door 1100mm
Code: ILISA110SC
Adjustment: 1050mm - 1100mm
Access: 420mm
ILI Sliding door 1200mm
Code: ILISA120SC
Adjustment: 1150mm - 1200mm
Access: 470mm
ILI Sliding Door 1300mm
Code: ILISA130SC
Adjustment: 1250mm - 1300mm
Access: 520mm
ILI Sliding Door 1400mm
Code: ILISA140SC
Adjustment: 1350mm - 1400mm
Access: 570mm
ILI Sliding Door 1500mm
Code: ILISA150SC
Adjustment: 1450mm - 1500mm
Access: 570mm
ILI Sliding Door 1600mm
Code: ILISA160SC
Adjustment: 1550mm - 1600mm
Access: 570mm
ILI Sliding Door 1700mm
Code: ILISA170SC
Adjustment: 1650mm - 1700mm
Access: 570mm
ILI Sliding Door 1200mm (Height 1800mm)
Code: ILI180SA120SC
Adjustment: 1150mm - 1200mm
Access: 470mm

Side Panel Options

ILI Side Panel 700mm
Adjustment: 665mm - 690mm
ILI Side Panel 760mm
Adjustment: 725mm - 750mm
ILI Side Panel 800mm
Adjustment: 765mm - 790mm
ILI Side Panel 900mm
Adjustment: 865mm - 890mm
ILI Side Panel 1000mm
Code: ILISP100SC
Adjustment: 965mm - 990mm
ILI Side Panel 700mm (Height 1800mm)
Code: ILI180SP70SC
Adjustment: 665mm - 690mm
ILI Side Panel 800mm (Height 1800mm)
Code: ILI180SP80SC
Adjustment: 765mm - 790mm
ILI Side Panel 900mm (Height 1800mm)
Code: ILI180SP90SC
Adjustment: 865mm - 890mm
ILI Side Panel 1000mm (Height 1800mm)
Code: ILI180SP100SC
Adjustment: 965mm - 990mm

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